Frequently asked questions about GREENDER

What is the main difference between  COMBI GREENDER 200 and COMBI GREENDER 250. What is the advantage of your machines comparing with others?
COMBI GREENDER 200 and COMBI GREENDER 250 are functionally alike, but COMBI GREENDER 250 has more powerful specifications in comparison with COMBI GREENDER 200.  For example, the diameter of the grindstone at COMBI GREENDER 250 is 250mm and COMBI GREENDER 200 obtains 200mm respectively. The main advantage of our machines - is the built-in extractor, which effectively absorbs sludge, dust and sparks arising during sharpening of the metal piece on the machine, so there is no need to install an expensive and cumbersome ventilating system and that allows you to save an amount of money significantly greater than the cost of the machines themselves.

A detailed description of the technical characteristics and advantages of our machines please check: COMBI GREENDER 200 and  COMBI GREENDER 250.
How sophisticated is the quality control of your products?
We provide 100% quality control of each batch. In addition, our machines have successfully passed  tests for the dust presence while working on the COMBI Greender, and special  technical measure gauge showed the following results.
For a start, we would like to buy one machine to try it out. Is this possible and how much does it cost?
Yes, it is, indeed. Our logistic department will calculate the fastest and cost-effective way to deliver the machine to your company. Later, this amount of money will be deducted from your subsequent order. Shipping cost depends on the route and delivery time. To calculate the cost, please contact our specialist.
What are your factory location and port of shipment?
The factory is located in Jiangmen, in southern Guangdong Province of China. Loading Port is Huangpu, (Guangzhou), China.
How advanced are your payment terms?
The standard payment term requires an advance payment of 50% and a balance payment of 50% to be made on completion of production and before shipment. After the deposit is made, the factory immediately arranges manufacturing of the machines. The production time of each batch usually takes from 30 to 60 days depending on the quantity of the order. Samples are always in our stock and available for dispatch right after a 100% prepayment.

To our regular customers, with who we have developed a long and reliable relationship, we offer flexible payment terms.
On what Incoterms conditions do you cooperate?
Basic terms of delivery are EXW or FOB. Other conditions are worked out individually with each partner.
How to return flawed product?
100% machines should pass the quality control before shipment, hardly-probable you ever face such problem caused not during transportation but because of fault of producer. However the flawed product from the batch can be either changed for the new one or to return it's cost.
I would like to become a distributor of your products! What can you offer me?
We will be glad to see you among our distributors. Please refer to the distribution page.